Colin Edwards to host wildlife exhibition

Haverhill born pro British wildlife photographer Colin Edwards is all set to host a 9 day exhibit of British wildlife snaps and it would start from 25th May at East Town Park Visitors Centre in Haverhill. Colin Edwards’s photographs have been spotted all across the world as well as his work could often be seen in several leading  photography and wildlife magazines.

He teaches budding shutterbugs from all across the United Kingdom as well as Europe, He has traveled extensively to take pictures of some of the most amazing subjects in wildlife. After getting hundreds of emails that asked him why he has not ever exhibited his work locally. Now he has decided that the time is now right.

Colin Edwards will also arrange two free talk and walk sessions on 25th May when keen photographers can find out regarding the local wildlife as well as pick up some tips on how to take pictures of them. To book a place for the event, you can email or call at 01284 757088. The event will also see the start of a nature and wildlife photography contest.

Speaking about wildlife photography, we must also tell that Michael Jones, a 21 year old college student from Bristol, has won a local nature photography contest. The subject of the competition was nature and wildlife, but participants have to take pictures from their locality. Around fifty students took part in the contest.


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