Candid Kid Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. Leonardo Abreu

    Greg win this time

  2. jeanozeroeight

    greg more professional

  3. Thanks :)

  4. KentsfieldCore

    Yes, they do.

  5. Jared, did presets come with Lightroom or?

  6. I like Greg’s better just because he didn’t make the kid look like a zombie with pure black eyes… lol

  7. How do i export a photo from lightroom showing the before and after ?

  8. This is a great photo to move into Aperture 3. With the quick brushes you can brush the contrast into just the areas you want and leave the eyes bright.

  9. This is a great photo to move into Aperture 3. With the quick brushes, you can brush the contrast in to just the areas you want and leave the eyes.

  10. i love Greg’s edit this week.. 

  11. -*subjective*

  12. Nice shot- everyone edits to their own subject edits.

  13. florinmldvn82ro

    you confused dodge and burn with the clone stamp, well kids probably believed it, I didn’t
    I also fond this video useless, but now that I’ve watched it I can say that Greg’s B&W better. Probably just my taste.

  14. I use Florabella Photoshop actions, ADORE them. I use the presets that are included in lightroom and tweak or just tweak on my own (same for photoshop) depends on the photo.

  15. And I feel like you don’t really know that much about photo, but are more trying to make it look like you do. A good photographer can produce beautiful images without having to prove it to others.

  16. I appreciate how well Greg knows Lightroom and technicalities, and how he uses it as a stepping stool, not as a final product. That’s the sign of good photo editing.

  17. stop resitting and tell sth! lmao 😛
    BTW: don’t put D7000 over 1600ISO. its like cursing yourself… trust an owner! 😉
    LOL what words! 😀

  18. You would use photoshop for this picture to bring out the eyes and I think its better with colour.

  19. i like nick software color efex pro plugin

  20. moviecrazy808

    I like Greg’s this week….

  21. if i’m converting to B&W, i’ll start with a preset and change the white balance/contrast/etc from there.

  22. Yes, I use presets sometimes. For one same album I never use more than 2 different presets otherwise the photos are not uniform any more. Most of the time I try to find a preset that works well on all photos and of course keep tweaking the photos after than (exposure, etc) depending what I want the album to look like.

  23. i didn’t even know lightroom had presets going to have to try them out sometime

  24. Greg, where did you get your LR presets? I only have the defaults, but I really love some of the effects that were popping up in the navigator. Thanks!