Broad and Short Lighting in Portrait Photography

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  1. BonusVideoView

    Nicely done. Please subscribe to my channel for more useful tips & videos.

  2. Good quick tip.  Really shows how simple and effective short lighting can be. Thanks for that.

  3. davidchavez12364

    GREAT JOB!! You and those like you make youtube great.

  4. LightingShowroom

    Appreciated your efforts

  5. LightingShowroom

    I liked this

  6. GroffinTiffin

    good. getting back into portraits. nice “refresher” – easy to understand.

  7. Thanks man…very helpful !

  8. LAbornandbred62

    thank you!

  9. I can’t get to your website at all =(  Have you closed up shop?

  10. the video explained things very well. my problem is the lovely Mackenzie is in great shape. I would have like to see a heavier person where we could see the dramatic difference between short and broad lighting.

  11. Very good tutorial. You made the concepts of Short lighting and Broad lighting quite easy to understand.

  12. heidinabucket

    Thank you.
    That was precise and clear.

  13. wonderful tip, man! thnx 4 sharing!

  14. silverlakephoto

    That is our standard 10 foot by 20 foot size. You can see our full selection at silverlakephoto

  15. davidjohnson2611

    how wide is your background?

  16. good explanation of short and broad, thanks

  17. don’t they use gaffer’s tape for this?

  18. andrewwright99999

    Nice video , if you are using muslin backdrop how do you keep the bottom backdrop from not getting any lines or creases under feet ?

  19. Great job with this, leave the viewer with a full understanding in the concepts of this lighting technique, very well done…

  20. wow….
    great vedio … thanx

  21. ImagesByDavid

    Thanks for this!

  22. great video well thought out and well explained, good examples at the end. great work tfs

  23. was wondering what type of background were you using and what color real nice

  24. andrissavaria

    thank you for the demonstration!