Better portraits using an external flashgun, bounce flash with a diference

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  1. you can’t find flashguns that cheap,and if you find there are verry crappy,could add 100$ and buy nissin di 622i mark II,i have that flashgun and its verry good

  2. teach me master!

  3. Emmanuel Vargas Guajardo

    try to get a new 270 EXII or some 320 EX first is 170 usd and the other like 210 usd

  4. Sorry, not familiar with Canon flashguns, also a lot depends on what you need it for. Try posting on the Canon forum at dpreview dot com

  5. Which flashgun do you recommend for the Canon 60D? That is under 100$ (US dollars)

  6. Great Video, very helpful

  7. Thanks for the tip! Very useful.

  8. Brilliant thank you very much. I’m very surprised you don’t have many views!! Very informative video

  9. Enjoy your little tips about preventing lights from hitting the subject. Thanks for sharing.

  10. No problem, glad you found it useful.

  11. Richard Jerwood

    Thanks for putting up this useful vid – a great little tip thanks!