Best of 2008, Erie PA Portrait Photography,

Portrait Photography Video Score: four / five

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  1. Thank you so much… I appreciate that you took the time to comment!

  2. BlueRoseDiaries


  3. Hey thanks! I really appreciate your posting such a great comment!

  4. gorgeous..great techniques .. loved the pic with girl in river with horse behind ..what a prop !!

  5. Awesome 😀
    This picture at 04:10 is amazing …
    Great job 😉

  6. Dead Heart Bloom…. they are FABULOUS!!!  track them down on Amazon if you are interested…

  7. who is the Music Artist??

  8. Thanks, I appreciate that comment… so glad you are inspired!

  9. You do great B&W, love it! I’m learning from your shots.

  10. i love the pictures but i like very much the song please i want to know the group thnxxx

  11. Thank you for that comment!!!

  12. very inspiring.

  13. is that a good? or bad” OMG?

  14. Thank you for that compliment…  photography is a great career… I hope you get to try it out some day!

  15. wow these are realy great. i would love to do some protrait photography.

  16. Thank YOU!! I knew someone would like it eventually….

  17. omg, that music…

  18. HomesteadProvocateur

    Your photos always make me want to go outside and enjoy my natural surroundings! It is beautiful where you are at.

  19. Thanks sapodotroposo,
    I appreciate your compliment… and yes, it’s a sad truth, no matter what art form we seek, money plays a part in our ability to continue. I always make room for my personally inspired work though. Nice to hear from someone so far away!

  20. sapodotroposo

    “…i shoot anything that pays the bills” LOL
    And good you are at it, for sure! Love B/W portraits.

  21. Thanx!!! Its a nice camera… but it was a gift and was my aunts old camera. and I was not able to explain the neddsfor the camera.
    But I was Glad to finally get a good camera!! (I think…)

    So yes, I would really apreciate your opinion!!!

    How was your christmas?
    Also Happy new years to you to!!! 🙂

  22. Hi Sabrina, thanks for commenting.
    I use several cameras, all digital these days.
    I prefer Nikons and Nikon lenses… most of these were taken with the D80 and the D300 is my primary camera… when I can give you some real time, I will visit your work and gladly offer my opinion. Happy New Year!

  23. Pretty good shots…What kind of camera did you use?This christmas I got a new camera, a “powershot SX100 IS canon” camera. I been playing around with it, but none of my shots seem to be as sharp as I want, or blured.

    Can I get your opinion?


  24. Thanks! And the very same wish to YOU!

  25. Happy New Year!