American Portraits

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  1. photoshopmaster,! too much cliché, not enought original ideas!

  2. ozzytonygeezerbill

    Hey Guys type “Gift” before YOUTUBE, then press enter

  3. 0mg…!!!
    That’s such amazing Photos…Brilliant work…
    I like it…

  4. FirstLadyPhotography

    diffrent faces in black and white
    thats amazing!!

  5. everybody else said it already..
    amazing, spectacular, brilliant, i love it.
    you’re quickly becoming my favorite deviant ^^

  6. you are amazing!
    these are some of my favourite photos on dA!

  7. Nice job Lasse

  8. phatdaynethehoov

    i locve your work

  9. love it..

  10. that’s neat, the quote fits so well. good job 🙂

  11. Brilliant 🙂

  12. Spectacular!