ALZO 600 Photography Studio Lights with CFL Bulbs – Demo of Setup

Portrait Photography Video Score: five / five

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  1. I wish Alzo would make 105 watt and higher bulbs. I used them in my box. Watch the demo:

  2. 340 watts will draw about 2.8 amps at 120 volts. I’m not taking in to account capacitance or inductance. On your 20 amp circuit, you can draw 2400 watts at 120 volts. Some things will have a higher start up current draw so take that in to account. Each 85 w bulb gives you 300 watt equivalent of tungsten so you would have 1200 watts equivalent.

  3. I just got 4 85w Alzos. They are great compared to some bargain bulbs you get at other discount photo stores

  4. arothmanmusic

    So, if a unit takes 4 85w CFLs, that means it’s drawing 340 w of actual power, right? Doing some research into CFL light kits for small video projects and I want to make sure we wouldn’t be overloading a 20 amp circuit with whatever we end up getting…

  5. surfskimfight

    It’s so hard to believe that Tim and Eric didn’t direct this

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  11. 5600K. I have 6 of these that we use for my show.

  12. barelyaverage

    whats the color temperature on the bulbs?