5 Min Portrait – Portrait Photography Tutorial

Portrait Photography Video Rating: four / five

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  1. HE man I live in philly to let me know if you need help . lol

  2. phatfieldguitar

    So I was unsure of whether I didn’t like this guy because he seemed a little over confident but decided he seemed okay until that comment about anticipating blinks…

  3. I didn’t learn anything here that I didn’t know before but this was very entertaining to watch. The part when the bee kept messing with them was hilarious; also the part when he asked the assistant for her address. Funny guy.

  4. What!!??? I’m actually a Canon guy with no knowledge of Nikon gear, but I thought the D3 was one of those higher end full frame cameras.I may be wrong but regardless, 200 as the lowest ISO? Not good.

  5. Jared, if you don’t want to put up with signal interference with your mic, get a zoom H1 and plug your lapel mic in it and record your audio separate then sync it post production (it doesn’t take that much time, people complain about it because it takes an extra 5 minutes out of their life but seriously, It’s very much worth it for the audio quality). also, you don’t get as much pre-amp noise.

  6. bee

  7. how can we get the same shirt as you?

  8. What kind of microphone did they use for this video? How can you hear them so well?

  9. Btw if you had Alina, why not use the silver reflective side and just back her up a lot, and use the falloff to your advantage?

  10. With how flimsy the lens hood on the 70 – 200 VRII feels…I’m not sure about the protection part…but I agree, lens hood on all the time

  11. 7:06 : OMG A NIKON D3S ON THE GROUND. GRAB IT AND RUN I’LL PUNCH THE AFRO GUY. That’d been hilarious… 😛

  12. PerryHacksApples

    you look like that guy from lmfao in the beginning LOL

  13. i think he was just trying to show you how each type of lens would produce different effect of pictures. i prefer photos with backgrounds for landmark tho. hehe 
    here is my rule: if the model is ridiculous good looking, the only thing in the picture is HER! if she is kind mehhh…. ill include some interesting backgrounds.

  14. playstationfreak2598

    1:53 , edited right?

  15. omg good eyes! its the killer bee at 6:29 ! 😀

  16. What type of reflector is that? Pretty neat that it’s got that switchable cover.

  17. killthebetrayer


  18. i want the shirt!!! 🙂

  19. Just wondering what you use to convert your photos to black and white? Silver FX?

  20. This was exactly the first thing to came to my mind when the video was over.

  21. lIllllIllllllIl

    Hi-C Orange. Nice. 2:25

  22. ok fro know, but if you are going to be on location shouldn’t the photographs somehow include the landmark/location setting? Otherwise, why not just be anywhere? Your first two or three shot with the wide angle did that and then most of your shots did not.

  23. “where do you live? What address?” Ha ha. No really what’s your address.

  24. callowaymotorcompany

    Looks like it was a bird or butterfly