5 Min Portrait – Portrait Photography Full Photo Shoot

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. MissBombastiQue

    33:50 bitch give me bitchy look

  2. You think Sarah is NOT sexy?

  3. She looks like Blake Lively!

  4. they had sex after

  5. Hello there Jared.
    I was wondering if you could make a video of editing a picture like the ones at 4:51 and 5:06 Of course better after you got your settings straight. I know how much you advocate the use of RAW but the thing is, I’m a senior and lack a camera that could handle RAW images and a computer fast enough to render any editing IF I had a photo editing software. Could you take those pics in Jpeg and edit them. I’d be OK watching a RAW edit too but just those types of pics. Simple.

  6. your one-pod i perfectly straight huh? it’s just little warped by the fisheye lens?

  7. Jared, why do a whole 40 minute shoot in the same setting and pose? You only really would be able to use the best 2 or 3 shots there, whereas if you shot in multiple locations and lighting and angles you would get a whole folio.

  8. What do you think about Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 os for portrait photo shoot like in this video?

  9. I waited 40 min of video and no sex???

  10. CanecaProductions

    Were you using AV or TV modes?

  11. HomesliceDrummer

    It’s the fact that you had to point it out. She was far back in the frame while doing a photoshoot and of all the things you possibly could have commented on, you chose to comment on her ass for the 2 seconds she bent down out of a 40 minute video. Seriously?

  12. oh shit looking at an exposed butt i’m a fucking perv obviously

  13. Felt sorry for model and not so pro or funny photog

  14. HomesliceDrummer

    Obviously, but it’s still freaking pervy. 

  15. lol its a joke bro

  16. HomesliceDrummer


    Don’t be a freakin perv.

  17. 31:09 dat ass

  18. he’s trying to get the background blurred out as much as possible. The longer focal lengths make that easier.

  19. why not just use a 24-70?

  20. She looks like Florence Welch. Anyways, nice photos.

  21. LightWthoutTheStatic

    23:52. MONEY SHOT. That is gorgeous.

  22. 1:08 LOL

  23. 28:22 awesome B&W shot!