5 Min Portrait – Digital Photography Off Camera Flash Tutorial

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. get a clock !

  2. irishdrummer85

    Wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in some pocket wizards. Seems like a cheaper approach then buying a SB-900 just to trigger another SB-900, not to mention “line of sight” is not an issue with pocket wizards.

  3. your microphone is clipping

  4. 41 is the new 5 XD

  5. It’s a joke, he really doesn’t care about the seriousness because he isn’t gonna use this for anything.

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  7. This guy is douche bag. His vibe and body language do nothing for this shot.

  8. Was that a d7000 he was using?

  9. Oh yeah.. you had NO problems with the Nikon flash, except one that blew up and the rest can’t take rechargeable batteries. That is just dumb.

  10. More videos with Richie.

  11. I want my 36 minutes back!

  12. HEY HEY HEY!!! LOOK AT MY COMENT!!! Can you make a video for men on how to pose for a photo? Every time I get my picture taken i come out looking all nasty, I’m an avarge looking guy, why do I gain wait, get a doble chin, look girly and get a hunched back in pictures? Please tell me how I can look manly, thiner and cool in photos.

  13. Actually with the Nikon CLS and TTL metering Flash photography has become a child’s play so don’t worry – just start using it 😉
    The guy on the video basicly turned on the TTL and start shooting… You just have to think where to direct the flash based on what quality of light you want…

  14. Henry Stradford

    Sorry mate! I’m finished…he’s just a flake!!

  15. Henry Stradford

    He’s a cocky mother fucker too, LOLOLOL!

  16. Henry Stradford

    I just favorited this video because of you…sorry I did that because of this flaky photographer…

  17. Henry Stradford

    Jared, please don’t bring this flake on again?? Please??

  18. Henry Stradford

    So, his 15 minutes with CEO Jared was fucked…

  19. Why VR off?

  20. TTL – Through the lens

  21. @JaredPolin what insuarance do you have?

  22. IMO the shots without the flash were fine and I didn’t see that much of a difference with flash.Whenever I see fashion shoots outdoors I always see them with these huge softboxes and/or umbrellas even if there’s enough ambient light and that always baffled me. I know about fill flash but a lot of these guys use them even when fill light isn’t needed. I mean do the shots look that much better/different than if they had just used the ambient light? Someone please enlighten me.

  23. Honestly I hate using flash. I think it’s because when I was taking photography classes(nearly 10 years ago,and we were using film) there were so many things we had to do to make sure our exposure was right, especially when working in manual; I found it very tedious so whenever I shot my own stuff I always shot outdoors(or indoors in an area with enough ambient light). To this day I only own one speedlite (the one that I used for class) and barely use it but I wanna start using it more.

  24. I really like what he said about trying to establish some kind of rapport with whoever you’re shooting. I’m not the most outgoing person but I love shooting portraits and that’s been a problem on some of my shoots. If you’re not shooting professional models people tend to tense up once they see that camera pointed at them and you’ve got to find a way to put them at ease or else they’re gonna appear stiff and uncomfortable in the photos. That’s definitely something I’m working on. Great advice.

  25. lol Jared had a shaved head. Wow, I’d kill to see that.