5 Min Portrait – Children Photography Tutorial

Portrait Photography Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Great shots mang!!!!!

  2. Hey Jared. Did you use the same lens/focal length for these shots?

  3. invitations on screen dont work.

  4. playstationfreak2598

    hey Jared, at 9:45 you see kindof choppy colors in the background. I usually get that sort of thing with over editing, is there a name for that specifically or a way to fix it? Love your work and videos.

  5. Funniest part was 16:18 !!!! “How long till you shoot raw again?”

  6. You lost me at around 10mins….. I like your vid, unfortunately i dont learn much. It says Tutorial but it’s mostly about what you did that day without really explaining the guidelines for a good baby photo session and such. Nonetheless i still find the vids nice to watch. My wife is expecting in a few months and I was looking for a nice baby photo tutorial, i’ll have to go check elsewhere

  7. “How long till you shoot raw again?” lmao nice metaphor.

  8. Are you kidding me newborn are FAR better shot SLEEPING! They can no focus that young with there eyes.

  9. nice house

  10. lool ur “5minute” videos lol love the passion though 

  11. Thank you Jared 🙂 your videos are great

  12. akopoplasipaul

    Very nice shots with baby Billy can I ask how much ISO did you used in your shots with baby Billy

  13. Great shots, Jared. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh my God, the baby is so damn cute!

  15. scarlettpriscilla

    Awesome! I can’t wait to try some of these tips out. Thanks for your videos, I love your channel!

  16. Can I use Flash softbox light on shooting with newborn babies? does this might have bad effect for their health???

  17. thank you my friend! i’m checking in your website to buy a tshirt like yours! thank you!!!

  18. you can get it right ow in the Fro Store check it out.

  19. I want that t-shirt!!!

  20. If the kid’s asleep, your’re supposed to shake him til he wakes up. Then take pix.

  21. mattytee21sammy

    lol at 1:20

  22. JWhitePhotography

    When you say not yet…. does that mean that you will get one, as if it will help with editing?

  23. Mas7erChief117

    no problem

  24. Oh ok ..thanks for letting me know …Fro didn’t respond so guess details are secret! 😉

  25. Mas7erChief117

    they went their different ways