3 Light Portrait becomes a 6 light explosion. 3 light portrait Lesson Part Two_1_1.mp4

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. i am dazzled!

  2. Great video, but that final image image looks soo cheesy. I don’t get whats going on, is there a tornado behind him? or is he passing major gas? did someone put a fire cracker in his butt? can you tell me what a saxophone player has to do with garbage exploding behind him?

  3. i see you’re changing the Rim light to using a Gridded Strip softbox and moving the silver umbrella to another place.. I think you should tell us about the modifications you just did because some people might confused with that. anyway, great video! 😀

  4. you guys are the greatest couples, aren’t you ?! XD

  5. jaworskyjpictures

    at 2:49 reminds me of harry s morgan…lol…german porno producer

  6. Very useful, thanks!

  7. Jay P.: Love your videos but I need to know why you never mentioned the gridded strip softbox that first shows up at 1:33. What’s up with that?!

  8. Easier said than done… or else you’d have shown us how to do it already.

  9. What would the world of photo be without Photoshop? 😛

  10. TheSlantedLens

    In photoshop. My wife is a very good retoucher and cleans up the images.

  11. ChildersFilms

    Then do it and post a video of it.

  12. Nice job!

  13. faisalhasnoon

    show us

  14. complete and utter waste of resoursei could have achieved better results with just 2 flash’s…not so many fucking lights…

  15. ArcanePath360

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. very well done!

  17. SuperHELLJOKER

    Thanks,  cool!.

  18. SuperRambo1985

    Great !!

  19. A very high quality demo video on how you acheived the effect. Your layered approach to explaing is perfect. Huge thanks 🙂

  20. Prozacbadger1

    My window! Grrrrr!

  21. wow man

  22. wow man

  23. omg thats true! hows that you guys dont have more views? O.o

  24. you guys are greeat!!