Dec 15

Isleworth photography exhibit set to bring new perspective

An all new perspective on Isleworth to be watched as a historic quarter of London is predicted at a new photography exhibit. The exhibit named ‘Old Isleworth – New Images’ features original snapshots of the riverside region within the Hounslow borough taken by local photographers.

They expect to shine new light on the picturesque roads, once stepped by the likes of Van Gogh, David Attenborough and Turner, and to capture it for posterity in the midst of the fast-altering backdrop. The exhibit ‘Old Isleworth – New Images’ is at The South Street Gallery, Old Isleworth, will start from 4th December, Friday, and will go till 14th December, Monday. The free exhibit opens from 9 am to 3 pm on weekdays and from 10am to 5pm during weekends.

Photographer Michael O’Neill made a name for himself with iconic portraits of the US presidents, celebs and star athletes whilst sailing on a yacht for Croatian yacht charter. But when a spinal surgery left him partly paralyzed, and unable to take picture, he turned to the quiet of meditation and yoga for recovery.

His new book named, On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace, and a major exhibit at TASCHEN Gallery in Los Angeles brings together over ten years of photography entirely dedicated to Yoga as well as its greatest practitioners across the world.

Jun 15

NYIP introduces two new photography courses – Photojournalism and Travel Photography

New York Institute of Photography has started two all new online photography courses – an Intensive Course in Photojournalism and an Intensive Course in Travel Photography. Both these photography courses are now available along with NYIP’s 7 other courses for aspiring photographers all across the world.

The Travel Photography Course of NYIP will teach people at any level how to record their expeditions. The students will know about the travel photography language, what gear is rightly suited for various types of trips, and how to click better nature, wildlife shots, landscapes, portraits as well as architectural snaps. Along with this, the course deals with students’ to get money as a travel photographer by serving them develop their portfolio as well as teaching the business skills required to succeed in this field.

On the other hand, the Photojournalism Course of NYIP  will teach how to take more impactful images that says a story. Students will get to know how to see the planet like a photographer, the principles of narrative, and how to tell a visual story. In addition, the course prepares students for a career as a photojournalist with business training and portfolio development.
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May 15


Portrait Photography Video Rating: 0 / 5

Apr 15

Dog Portrait Photography Session

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Apr 15

Wildlife lover Kevin Sawford set for Ipswich and District Photographic Society’s talk

Ipswich and District Photographic Society is all set to welcome Kevin Sawford to their meeting in the coming week, when he would be providing an insight into his experiences and career. Mr Sawford, based on the Suffolk and Norfolk border, told that his primary passion is to take pictures of the natural world and he also enjoys capturing a variety of wildlife, both at home as well as abroad.

He has conducted photography workshops for Suffolk Wildlife Trust that has “proved very popular” and he has developed to offer more events across the natural reserves of the nation. He has sold his works around the world including one that shows an elephant hawk moth, which featured on an Irish stamp. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Musee d’Orsay museum in Paris lifts ban on photography

Paris’s well-known museum The Musee d’Orsay that has several impressionist paintings, has lifted the ban on visitors clicking snapshots of their artworks after the culture minister of France openly jeered the restriction.

Now, this museum is aligning itself with regulations in force in other top museums in Paris as well as across the world that lets visitors to take snapshots as long as tripods and flashes are not used. The immediate lifting of all the no-photos rules that had been in place since the year 2009, introduced on Wednesday, 18th March, after French Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin took a snapshot of a canvas by artist Pierre Bonnard whose post-impressionist works are presently being showcased in the museum.

On 16th March, Monday, she posted that picture in Instagram sparking outcry by her followers and many others who complained that she was literally getting away with all the regulations that are applied on normal visitors. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Villa Vizcaya Gardens Quinces Portrait Photography by Jorge R Gonzalez

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Feb 15

What is Portrait Photography?

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Jan 15

Sister Portrait Photography

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Jan 15

Fire Captain makes it to the finals of a national photography event

A St. George Fire Department captain has established his skills reach beyond the fire flames as he seats among top rising photographers in the country as he was nominated as a finalist in the 8th Annual Emerging Pro Contest.

Rob J. Hooper, who clicks under the R.J. Hooper Photography name, made it through the 1st spot of the judging procedure in the contest. His photo submitted in the fine art category named Snow Canyon Glory was chosen by the judges, earning him a position as 1 of the 9 Emerging Pro finalists.

Rob has been a photographer for almost twenty years and one of his works got published in the National Geographic ago. He got a magnificent snap of Snow Canyon in the thunderstorm in September which triggered flooding across the Western County. Continue reading →